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Kazan is one of the oldest cities in the Volga region of Russia, which combines a unique cultural flavor of the East and West. The modern rhythm of life and ancient traditions are wonderfully harmoniously combined in the appearance of the capital of Tatarstan. Many faces and hospitable Kazan is waiting for you to visit. The first impression of the centuries-old glory of the Tatar people is formed from the inspection of the historical center of Kazan. Here you will discover the secrets of the Kremlin, which stands on the ground for a thousand years. Covered with legends, its walls and towers have survived many fires and raids, but are indestructible to this day. The famous QOL Sharif mosque, once destroyed by the troops of Ivan the terrible and revived 20 years ago, is of particular interest to absolutely all tourists. An organic fusion of the distant past, the Soviet era and the present day is the square named after Tukai and Freedom, street of the Kremlin and Karl Marx. Staro-Tatarskaya Sloboda, azimovskaya and Marjani mosques, Kaban lake are all integral parts of the history of the big city and its tourist routes. To feel the spirit of multi-religious capital, it is necessary to visit the mother of God male monastery. So, in a way! If you want to learn more about Kazan, a trip at an affordable price with our company will give you a lot of discoveries.


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